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Q. How do Mi Ink semi permanent tattoos work?

A. Our semi permanent tattoos are made using Genipa Americana plant extract which sinks into the epidermis to temporarily stain the skin.

Q. Will they work on all skin tones?

A. Yes, our semi permanent tattoos work on all skin tones.

Q. Will they transfer to other body parts or clothing?

A. Keep your tattoo free or wear loose clothing for 8 hours after tattoo application. Avoid laying on your tattoo when sleeping as ink may transfer to other body parts when in contact for the first 2-3 nights.

Q. How long after applying my tattoo can i take a shower / work out

A. Avoid taking a bath or shower, or sweating within 8 hours of tattoo application.

Q. I need my order in 2 days time, can you get it to me in time?

A. If you are ordering last minute, please let us know the last date for delivery and we will confirm if we can hit the deadline. 99% of the time we are able to meet last minute deadlines, so always check with us. There is also the option to upgrade to guaranteed next day delivery at checkout.

Q. I'd like to design a semi permanent tattoo, is this possible?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer a custom design service for our semi permanent tattoos.

Q. I've used temporary tattoos before, are these the same?

A. Our semi permanent tattoos differ from regular temporary tattoos. They are made using Jagua ink which is an extract of the fruit Genipa americana. They last between 1-2 weeks, compared to traditional temporary tattoos that last up to 5 days. They also look almost identical to real tattoos and the ink penetrates the skin, unlike temporary tattoos where the design sits on top of the skin.

Q. How long will the semi permanent tattoos last?

A. Our semi permanent tattoos will last between 1-2 weeks. The longevity will depend on the position of the tattoo, the skin conditions and if you expose the tattoo to water. Sweat, water and oil-based skin products will reduce the staying power of your tattoo.

Q. Where on the body should i put my semi permanent tattoo?

A. You can put your semi permanent tattoo on any external area of your body! But where you place your tattoo will depend on how long it lasts. The best  place would be the upper arm; if placed somewhere like the wrist it will not last as long. 

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