How to use our temporary tattoos


Our temporary tattoos are super easy to apply and remove, so you will be wearing them in no time!

Before you begin you will need:

- A bowl of water (cold from the tap)

- A sponge

- Your tattoos!


Simply follow our step by step instructions below.

Step 1 how to use our temporary tattoos


Cut out your tattoo design leaving a 3mm border (skip this step for pre-cut tattoos).

Step 2 how to use our temporary tattoos


Peel away the clear layer and place pattern side down on the skin.

Step 3 how to use our temporary tattoos


Pat gently with a wet sponge for 30 seconds and then slide the paper off. Allow to dry and then you are ready to go!

Step 4 how to use our temporary tattoos


To remove just rub the area gently with warm water or an oil based product (e.g baby oil).

Where to position your temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are for external use only, but other than that you are free to place your tattoos wherever you wish! For tattoos that last longer we suggest placing on the upper arm and shoulder area, as these areas are less likely to rub against things during everyday movement. Tattoos placed on the wrist are great for events and parties where staying power does not matter as much but where you want maximum visibility. 

Our temporary tattoos will typically last between 2 - 7 days, but can certainly last longer if you wish! They are water resistant so will stay on the skin when swimming, bathing and showering as long as you do not rub the area.