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Faded Shapes


Q. I've seen a design i like but i would like to change the colours, is that possible?

A. Yes! You have the freedom to change the colours and text on any of our personalised temporary tattoos, and even make small changes such as removing certain elements or having an additional element added. We do our best to accommodate all requests where possible.

We are unable to make any changes to our pick & mix temporary tattoos.

Q. I need my order in 2 days time, can you get it to me in time?

A. If you are ordering last minute, please let us know the last date for delivery and we will confirm if we can hit the deadline. 99% of the time we are able to meet last minute deadlines, so always check with us. There is also the option to upgrade to guaranteed next day delivery at checkout, so once you have signed off on your tattoo design we can get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Q. I'd like to design a tattoo for a friend's birthday, what do i need to do?

A. Email us at info@mi-inktattoos and tell us about your design ideas. We will then give you a quote based on this, and once approved we can get started on your tattoos. We will always send you a mock-up of your tattoo design giving you the chance to make any changes you like before we go to print. We encourage you to be vocal, we want to get your tattoos spot on for you.

Q. I've used temporary tattoos before, are these the same?

A. Yes, our temporary tattoos work by transferring your image to your skin using a water based transfer. In order to apply temporary tattoos you need to place the paper image side down onto the skin, pat with a wet sponge for 30 seconds and then slide away the paper. 

We have 2 different styles of temporary tattoo - our personalised options work by transferring a thin later of film onto the skin which holds the tattoo design, and our pick & mix tattoos whereby only the tattoo ink is applied to the skin (no transparent film).

Q. How long will the temporary tattoos last?

A. Our temporary tattoos will last between 3-5 days. The longevity will depend on the position of the tattoo, the skin conditions and if you expose the tattoo to water. Sweat, water and oil-based skin products will reduce the staying power of your tattoo.

Q. Where on the body should i put my temporary tattoo?

A. You can put your temporary tattoo on any external area of your body! But where you place your tattoo will depend on how long it lasts. The best  place would be the upper arm, whereas if placed somewhere like the wrist it will not last as long. 

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