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Party entertainment ideas for the alternative bride!

Alt bride/grooms, rock & roll kings and queens, and unconventional couples - planning a wedding that breaks all the traditional rules has become ever easier with wedding planners and website directories specifically catering for alternative venues, attire, styling and decorations. But when it comes to wedding entertainment, the options are a little....strange! A quick search on google brings up axel throwing (is this wise after 2 or more glasses of wine?!) and a bouncy castle (but let's face it, who wants to jump around after a 3 course meal?!) and it feels like the options are lacking a little without having to be a bit more creative.

Another popular idea is temporary tattoos - it's a brilliant way to get your guests laughing and being social, but up until now it has been difficult to set up, leaving brides to source their own temporary tattoos, cut them out from their sheets and distribute amongst the guests tables along with sponges and water or set up their own DIY temporary tattoo station.

But eclectic couples, rejoice! For we now offer hire of our totally unique temporary tattoo booth as we travel around the South of England ready to (temporarily) tattoo your party guests for wedding entertainment like no other! With a choice of over 75+ designs covering themes of love, friendship, social media, retro, iconic, celebrities and animals there literally is something for everyone. With colour-changing LEDs to match any colour scheme and a modest price tag to keep you on budget, envisage your gran covered in eggplant emojis and a tattoo half sleeve on your 8 year old nephew for guaranteed laughs and forever memories.

Our top 10 alternative couple wedding entertainment ideas

  1. Temporary tattoo booth -

  2. Sports day games (think tug of war, egg and spoon races, jumping in sacks)

  3. Silent disco

  4. Inflatables (rodeo bull, giant obstacle courses, gladiator)

  5. Dance lessons

  6. Singing waiters (having been to a wedding with singing waiters we highly recommend!)

  7. Pinata

  8. Balloon modelling

  9. Quiz rounds (Mr & Mrs is a great option here and a unique way to get guests participating after speeches)

  10. Pass the parcel (one parcel per table with plenty of hidden prizes, the guests will be acting like big kids in no time!)

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