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Faded Shapes



Switch up your style weekly, with our stunning range of realistic, long lasting, semi-permanent tattoos.


Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos UK

If you're looking for stylish and realistic semi permanent tattoos in the UK, then these are for you! These stunning adult temporary tattoos are semi permanent, which means they last for up to 2 weeks. Our range includes designs suitable for use as large temporary leg tattoos, arm tattoos and smaller designers suitable for wrists and fingers.

About Our Long Term Temporary Tattoos

No Regrets

Are you considering getting a real tattoo but want to trial a similar style first? Then our semi-permanent tattoos are for you! How about placing it in different areas to see where looks best, or perhaps you have a few different styles you like but aren't sure which one to go for. Don't regret your real ink, test run designs with Mi Ink Tattoos first! 

Long Lasting 

Our semi permanent tattoos last

10-14 days.

Top Tips:
- Don't apply before bed as the design may transfer to bedding overnight. Best applied during the day and wear loose fitting clothing over the area.
- Try not to rub and touch the area when the tattoo is developing.

Quick & Easy to Apply

Step 1

Clean and dry the skin and add your compressed towel (included) to a cup of water and wait for it to expand.

Step 2

Remove the clear film from the tattoo sheet and place the faint side down onto the skin (the dark blue side should be facing up).

Step 3

Leaving the towel wet, place it carefully over the full tattoo design and hold in place for 30 seconds.

Step 4

Remove the towel and carefully lift away the tattoo sheet. Allow the skin to dry.

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