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How to use our temporary tattoos


Our temporary tattoos are super easy to apply and remove, so you will be wearing them in no time!

Before you begin you will need:
- To fully read the instruction manual, including the tattoo do's & don'ts and FAQs.
- A bowl of water (lukewarm from the tap)
- The compressed towel that came with your tattoo
- Your tattoo!
Simply follow our step by step instructions below.


Wash & dry skin area thoroughly before application. Add your compressed cloth to a bowl of water and let it expand.


Peel away the clear layer and place lighter side down on the skin (dark blue design facing up).


Press wet cloth over entire tattoo paper for 30 seconds - 1 minute, making sure to hold down and still without moving the backing paper.


Carefully remove the backing paper. Your design will appear very light on the skin to begin with, and may look dry / flaky to begin with.


Apply your tattoo in the morning to give it time to develop and settle into the skin before bed. This will reduce any tattoo transfer during the night.

Moisturise your tattoo daily to prolong the life of your tattoo. Don't scrub or exfoliate as this will reduce your tattoo's life span.

Wait 8 hours between tattoo application and showering or sweating as this may affect the appearance of your tattoo.

Keep your tattoo covered with loose clothing when sleeping to ensure your tattoo does not come into contact with other areas of your body, as this may cause your tattoo to transfer to other areas of your skin upon prolonged contact.

The recommended age is 10+. Please bare in mind our tattoos last 7+ days and therefore may not be suitable during school terms.

Cover your tattoo with petroleum jelly when swimming to prolong the tattoo effect. 

And remember, your tattoo may take up to 48 hours to fully develop. Trust us though, its worth the wait!

Where to position your semi permanent tattoos

Semi permanent tattoos are for external use only, but other than that you are free to place your tattoos wherever you wish! For tattoos that last longer we suggest placing on the upper arm and shoulder area, as these areas are less likely to rub against things during everyday movement. Tattoos placed on the wrist are great for maximum visibility but will likely last for a shorter period.

Our semi permanent tattoos will typically last between 7-14 days, and will depend on the location placed and your individual skin biology. Our tattoos will start off very light but develop into a dark blue / black colour over 24 - 48 hours depending on your skin biology.

Once semi permanent tattoos have been applied, they can't simply be removed. You will need to wait for them to fade over a 1-2 week period. Gentle exfoliation can help to degrade the tattoo's appearance gradually,

Snake semi permanent tattoo

Semi permanent tattoo product information

The special tattoo transfer material we use for all of our products has been dermatologically tested and is skin safe.  Whilst the ink we use to print your design is non-toxic, if you are allergic to or have suffered reactions to ink in the past then unfortunately we would advise that our products aren't right for you.

Our temporary tattoos will last between 7-14 days depending on skin type and the location it is applied to (for example a tattoo placed on the wrist will not last as long as one on the upper arm). Chlorine, sweat and creams / oils can also reduce your tattoo's staying power.

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