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Nail wraps nail art UK


Our nail wraps are super easy to apply and remove, so you will be wearing them in no time!

Before you begin you will need:
- Your nail wraps
- Small scissors
- The wipe, nail file and cuticle stick provided
Simply follow our step by step instructions below.


File nails to desired shape. Gently file the top of the nail to remove any ridges, being careful not to over-file resulting in damage to your nails.


Using the wipe provided, clean the nails to remove any dirt and oil.

Carefully select the correct size nail wrap for your nail. Try and choose the nail wrap that fits right up to the nail bed. If you prefer one style but the nail wrap is too large for the nail, you can carefully trim the wrap to size.

Using your finger initially, smooth down the nail wrap onto the nail, starting from the base down to the tip. Use the cuticle stick provided to smooth down the outer edges.

This step is optional, but we recommend sealing your nail wraps with a varnish. You can use a gel top coat and cure to make your nail wraps last 2+ weeks.


To remove your nail wraps, soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes (great to do in the bath!). If you applied a top coat of nail varnish, remove this first before soaking.

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