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Essential Tips and Tricks to Perfect Your Nail Wraps Application

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your nails with a professional-looking manicure? Consider trying nail wraps! With this beginner-friendly guide, you can master the art of applying nail wraps and get perfect results each time.

Choose the Right Wraps for Your Nails

One of the most important steps towards a perfect nail wraps application is selecting the right wraps for your nails. To determine your nail shape and size, measure across the widest point of each nail and compare its length to standard sizes. Once you have a general idea of what size and shape of wraps you need, select ones in your desired color and design.

Prep the Nail Surface for Application

Before applying your nail wraps, make sure that the surface of your nails is clean and dry. Push back cuticles and gently file down the nail in one direction to create a smoother, flatter surface for the wrap. It’s important to use gentle pressure when filing, as excessive filing can damage or weaken the nails. Finally, ensure that there are no oils, lotions or creams on your nails – this will prevent the wrap from adhering properly.

Measure and Cut the Wraps to Fit Size of Nail

Before applying the wrap, compare the size of each nail to the wrap to make sure it’s a suitable fit. If necessary, use scissors to trim or cut the wrap to fit your specific nails. Once measured and cut accordingly, pick up the wrap by pinching it in between two fingers and place it on your nail with slight pressure. If necessary, you can file away any excess material at the edge of the nail for a seamless finish.

Cut Off Any Overhanging Nail Wrap

After you’ve placed the wrap on your nail, smooth down from the base of the nail to the tip. Press it down firmly at the nail tip and then cut off any excess material that comes beyond the edges. Use a nail file to get an even closer finish, carefully filing down, rather than across.

Use A Varnish Top Coat

If you can, add a top layer of nail varnish to your nail wraps. This will give it a protective top coat to avoid any signs of wear and tear. You can use a standard varnish or a gel top coat and cure under a UV or LED lamp.

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